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The first recorded instance of investing can be traced back to around 1750 BCE with the Code of Hammurabi, a set of laws established by Hammurabi, the sixth king of the first Babylonian dynasty. Within this legal code, provisions were made regarding the exchange of collateral, specifically land, for investment purposes.

The inclusion of such provisions in the Code of Hammurabi highlights the significance of investment as an economic activity during that time. It demonstrates the recognition of the importance of capital and the willingness of individuals to invest their resources in various projects, presumably for commercial or agricultural purposes.

The Code of Hammurabi acknowledged the practice of individuals providing funds or assets to support projects or ventures with the expectation of receiving a return. According to the code, individuals could offer their land as collateral, which could be exchanged for investment in a project. This practice allowed investors to share in the risks and benefits of the enterprise.

The Land of an Investment

Our mission is to create guidance for Foreign investors to in Iraq

Our mission is to help international businesses and investors to explore the investment opportunities and connect with the right partners in Iraq. We are passionate about the potential of this country and we want to be a bridge between the international business community and the dynamic economy of Iraq.

a large swimming pool surrounded by palm trees
a large swimming pool surrounded by palm trees

The tourism industry is thriving, and to meet the increasing demand, there is a significant focus on constructing of residential compounds but there is huge demand for the construction of hotels as it will not only aims to cater to the growing number of tourists but also provides employment opportunities for the local community.

Iraq is need of these hotels are design with modern amenities and luxurious accommodations to ensure a comfortable and memorable stay for the guests. There are amazing locations for hotels  ,considering the proximity to popular tourist attractions and accessibility to transportation.

The construction process involves meticulous planning, architectural expertise, and adherence to safety regulations. These hotels will contribute to the economic growth of the region by attracting more tourists and generating revenue. With the ongoing development of these hotels, the hospitality industry it will flourish, offering unparalleled experiences to traveler's from the country or around the world.

The potential investment in the Tourism industry

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